COVID-19 and any development and ongoing clinical trials to treat it using regenerative medicine

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has sparked the opportunity for regenerative medicine to help find therapeutic approaches to a disease with no defined treatment. MSCs, which can decrease inflammation and protect against cytokine storms, are a potential therapy for COVID-19 infected patients experiencing inflammation. Ongoing clinical trials in several countries are investigating the efficacy of MSCs in treating COVID-19 derived pulmonary complications and showing the positive effects of MSC therapy in reversing lymphopenia and inflammation. 

EVs, as prominent drug delivery methods, can be used as delivery mechanisms for COVID-19 vaccines comprised of glycoproteins or other biological molecules like nucleic acids. Vaccines with EVs containing the Spike protein of SARS-CoV have been shown to promote the production of neutralizing antibodies. Additionally, Natural killer cells (NK) which are part of the body’s frontline immune defense against viruses may be an effective therapy against COVID-19. NK cells can exert cytotoxic effects on COVID-19 infected cells. [6]

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