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Avicenna Scientific is a company specializing in biotech, biomedical research, pharmaceutical, diagnostics lab management consulting and emerging medical technologies consulting. Our R&D biological products are processed at a state of the art R&D-compliant facility to ensure the industry’s highest level of regulatory compliance. Avicenna Scientific can assist you in setting up your initial R&D steps for gene and cell-based therapies, therefore, quality assurance is critical, so we mandate our clients to understand and apply to applicable guidelines in donor screening, regulatory inspections, records management, validation, training, certifications, project management to ensure the highest quality for your projects. 
In addition, we also specialize in building and managing state of the art biologics laboratories world wide. Our mission is to empower world leaders in medical tourism, academic institutions, private enterprise, hospital systems, and research institutes to produce and deliver the highest quality in Biologics globally. With over 20 years in combined experience in the field our team of clinical, administrative, and consulting experts can design, build and execute a turn key state of the art Biologics laboratory personalized to the specific project needs of our client. 
As the global need for emerging technologies in Biotech continues to grow, we as company are committed to expand both our offerings and strategic partnerships with other companies to meet global demands. 
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Avicenna Scientific

Avicenna Scientific has decades of experience developing medical technology, manufacturing exceptional biomedical and biotherapeutic product lines, and distributing human-derived research material globally. Our vast knowledge of the laboratory start-up and R&D process is critical to our success. We are pleased to share our insights with clients to ensure that the collection, processing, production, and application of human-derived research and development materials meet their objectives while maintaining the high standards we are known for. Contact us for more information on how we can help ensure your success.
Do you have a novel proprietary biotechnology or service that you want to bring to market?

Our team of highly skilled, entrepreneurial-minded professionals will provide consulting, executive planning, and support from start to finish to bring your proprietary technology, product, or service to market. We will help you navigate barriers and overcome challenges using our resources and collective drive. Generating new, disruptive technologies requires determination and creativity, let us worry about the logistics. Our services will leave you free to focus on your proprietary innovations and together, we can change the future of biomedical research and human health.

Do you need help licensing a product for biomedical research?

Leo Corps has decades of experience developing medical technology, manufacturing exceptional research reagents, successful laboratory start-up, and distributing human-derived research materials globally. Our experts are committed to using their expertise to bring your innovations to life.

Licensing with Leo Corps means entering a true partnership, focused on delivering the same quality that Leo Corps currently provides in their offerings. We respect the privacy and autonomy of all potential partners, and are happy to offer a non-disclosure agreement to any licensee.

Do want to expand your network and increase your market share in the biomedical space?

Your success is our priority. To this end, you will have access to our experienced team and our portfolio of intellectual property accrued over many years of R&D. We will connect you with our vast network of manufacturing partners, medical institutions, government agencies, and university research programs. Additionally, you will be able to leverage our existing marketing and sales infrastructure, allowing you to immediately reach your intended audience, anywhere in the world.

Our team combines business acumen with an in-depth knowledge of the industry to achieve extraordinary results. Contact us for more information on how we can help support the growth and development of your innovation today.