Nexa Biologix™ is a biologics manufacturer focused on the production of a variety of cellular and culture products for R&D. Nexa’s mission is to provide the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and basic stem cell biology reliable, high-quality and cost-effective products.

Nexa’s GMP facility offers a range of quality biologic products including cord serum, bladder smooth muscle cells, adipose-derived stem cells, bone marrow-derived progenitor cells, dermal reticular fibroblasts and other classical media reagents. As the FDA moves away from bovine materials for the culturing of therapeutic products, Nexa Biologix™ also offers human serum– presenting a regulatory advantage in translational medicine and a technical advantage over animal serum for a variety of human cell types.  Nexa Biologix™ was created to meet the urgent need of investigators interested in understanding human obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. While rodent models are useful for deciphering metabolic pathways of energy partitioning, the critical analyses for drug development in humans requires an appropriate in vitro model to study human adipocytes.