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Our Process

Depending on your project’s specific needs, a broad, reliable donor pool is critical to the successful utilization of human-derived material. Demand for various types of donors will understandably differ between clients and studies. Therefore, at Leo Corps, we recruit a diverse and highly-characterized donor pool.

Our first concern when working with our qualified, contracted tissue recovery agencies is making sure donors are comfortable and secure in their important decision to contribute material to our scientific endeavor. All of our samples are collected following donor consent. We prioritize building relationships with our donors such that many individuals are willing and able to donate repeatedly as needed per study. All donor samples are screened for infectious diseases, bioburden (aerobic and anaerobic bacterial, fungal and yeast) and endotoxins.

Not only do we maintain a database of healthy donors, but we also have a network of clinics and tissue recovery agencies that allow us to collect disease-specific biological samples. In this way, researchers have timely access to appropriate donors to advance their studies.

We understand that each client will have specific donor needs. We are happy to meet these needs based on donor demographics, medical history, lifestyle characteristics, disease state, longitudinal follow-up, blood type, and other requirements. We recruit and maintain donor pools as needed to ensure we can meet any clients’ research needs in a timely manner.
Human tissue is a key tool in modern day biomedical and clinical research. Timely access to quality samples is critical for rigorous, paradigm-shifting research. To this end, all of our biospecimens are collected and processed at a state-of-the-art R&D-compliant facility. We ensure the industry’s highest level of regulatory and quality compliance. At Leo Corps we recognize that quality control is critical. Therefore, we adhere to strict guidelines and best practices for our tissue banks or recovery agencies during tissue collection to ensure the highest quality for our starting material.

Client-specific requirements do not change our dedication to high quality starting material. However, we are excited to work with each client to ensure that our sample collection is aligned with the goals and needs of their specific project. Our expert team can help with donor selection, protocol development, manufacturing and distribution details, and storage considerations.
Obtaining a specific primary cell population from human tissue can be time-consuming and costly. If not done quickly and properly, cell viability and recovery can be compromised creating

Securing specific primary cell populations from human samples can be prohibitively challenging for research groups. Leo Corps’ expert technical staff outfitted to process and isolate cells for unique client needs. These turnkey biospecimens are ready to use in a wide variety of research and development settings. Our proprietary processes are validated and optimized, resulting higher cell yield and higher cell viability and vitality in addition to more consistent cell type distribution for cellular products.

Based on our exceptional R&D standards and rigorous testing, clients can be confident that they have a reproducible and high-quality resource for immediate use in research studies. We are proud to support researchers around the world with high-quality, trustworthy products that can be used to advance our understanding of human disease.
A critical step in the use of human-derived material for research is the appropriate handling of all materials from collection to application. At Leo Corps, we follow strict guidelines and standard operating procedures for the packaging and shipping of fresh or frozen primary samples from our manufacturing laboratories to our customers. We know that the success of your work depends on our careful and consistent handling of materials. Therefore, we have built dependable relationships with packaging manufacturers and couriers, and designed a unique delivery and packaging system, validated by 3rd party organizations, while maintaining the ability to adapt quickly to any specific customer needs that may arise.