Paving the way for translational research

  • Seamless transition from basic research to clinical applications
  • Reproducible workflows for stem cell culture and differentiation

Stem cells, more than any other cell type, are lauded for their abilities in cellular and tissue repair, renewal, and regeneration. Their ability to differentiate into different cell types makes them of exceptional interest to research efforts in the fields of regenerative medicine, drug screening, and large-scale disease modeling using human-derived cells.

Leo Corps and affiliative companies boasts a comprehensive stem cell portfolio that has been designed with the needs of clinical translation in mind: GMP-grade reagents enable a smooth transition from basic science research to implementing novel therapies in subsequent pre-clinical and clinical trial phases. Our instrument platforms for cell isolation, flow cytometry, hematology and closed system filling system provide a variety of powerful tools. Explore our products to find the right solution for your stem cell needs.