company overview

Novoxa™ Biotech  is a global leader in MSC derived extracellular vesicles (ECVs) for research use. ECVs help moderate cell–cell communication and are involved in several cellular processes, including proliferation, stress response, senescence, immune signaling, cell differentiation and  angiogenesis.

At the core of translational medicine, ECVs have great potential to revolutionize different aspects of modern medicine such as tissue engineering and drug delivery. Scientific advances have recently demonstrated the value of ECVs in delivering biological drugs, in the form of nucleotides (DNA, RNA) and proteins, to targeted tissue.

With the goal of bridging laboratory science with clinical research, Novoxa™ Biotech’s GMP compliance and advanced facility offers highly purified and concentrated ECVs and MSC product lines that are remarkably stable in culture and ready for R&D.