Depending on your project’s specific needs, a broad, reliable donor pool is critical to the successful utilization of human-derived material. Demand for various types of donors will understandably differ between clients and studies. Therefore, at Leo Corps, we recruit a diverse and highly-characterized donor pool.

Our first concern when working with our qualified, contracted tissue recovery agencies is making sure donors are comfortable and secure in their important decision to contribute material to our scientific endeavor. All of our samples are collected following donor consent.  We prioritize building relationships with our donors such that many individuals are willing and able to donate repeatedly as needed per study. All donor samples are screened for infectious diseases, bioburden (aerobic and anaerobic bacterial, fungal and yeast) and endotoxins.

Not only do we maintain a database of healthy donors, but we also have a network of clinics and tissue recovery agencies that allow us to collect disease-specific biological samples. In this way, researchers have timely access to appropriate donors to advance their studies.

We understand that each client will have specific donor needs. We are happy to meet these needs based on donor demographics, medical history, lifestyle characteristics, disease state, longitudinal follow-up, blood type, and other requirements. We recruit and maintain donor pools as needed to ensure we can meet any clients’ research needs in a timely manner.