Normal Human Bone Marrow, FRESH, (Sodium Heparin)

Human Blood Products

We can provide many different Human blood components to meet your research needs. We have the ability to collect and process per your specifications or by standard collection methods. Some of our standard products are shown below. If you do not see the specific item that you need to be listed here, please contact us. We will work with you to provide the materials that fit your research specifications and budget.

*All samples are collected in FDA licensed facility and pathogen tested according to FDA guidelines for the following: HBsAg, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV-1/2, HIV-1 RNA, HBV DNA, HCV RNA, Syphilis.*

  • Human Serum
  • Recovered Plasma
  • Source Plasma
  • Whole Blood
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Leukocytes (Buffy Coats)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Platelet Concentrates
Specifications possible for all products:
  • In preservative solutions: ACD, CPD, CPDA-1 , Heparin, EDTA, PAXgene® Blood Tube
  • Blood group type-specific
  • Containing hemoglobin AA or AS
  • Specific MCV range
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity-specific
Serum specifications possible:
  • Types of serum available: off-clot serum
  • Single units or pools
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity-specific
Plasma specifications possible:
  1. Types of plasma available:
    • Heparin anticoagulant
    • Sodium Citrate anticoagulant
    • EDTA anticoagulant
    • ACD anticoagulant
    • platelet-poor
    • platelet-rich
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma
    • Source Plasma
    • Recovered/Outdated plasma
  2. Single units or pools
  3. Gender, age, or ethnicity-specific
Platelet specifications possible:
  1. Types of platelets available:
    • recovered platelet-rich plasma
    • platelet concentrates
  2. Gender, age, or ethnicity-specific
Leukocyte specifications possible:
  1. Types of leukocyte preparations available:
    • Buffy coats
    • Gender, age, or ethnicity-specific
Packed Red Blood Cells
  • Sized for MCV
  • 48-hour turnaround
  • Negative for HBsAg, HIV 1-2, HCV and RPR
  • Blood group specific
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity-specific
  • Fresh and outdated