Adult Stem Cell Quality Control Data

NexaBio Adult Stem Cells derived from subcutaneous, and eyelid adipose tissue are profiled using antibodies to the following cellular markers: CD14, CD29, CD31, CD34, CD44, CD45, CD105 and CD133.

Figure 1. Cell surface marker profiles of human ASCs.

Figure 1 shows the general surface marker profile of human primary ASCs isolated from adipose tissue using our standard protocols. The black histograms are isotype control antibody treated cells and the red histograms are the CD antibody treated cells.

The ASC preparations are positive for surface markers of mesenchymal stem cells, CD29, CD44, and CD105, while being negative for endothelial and macrophage markers, CD14, CD31, CD34, CD45, and CD133.

Table 1. ASCs from different adipose depots.
Adipose Depot CD14 CD29 CD31 CD34 CD44 CD45 CD105 CD133
SQ + + +
Eyelid + + +

Subcutaneous cell lots are prepared as mixed donor lots containing cells from 5 different donors. The resulting cell mixtures are homogeneous in their expression of surface markers.